What do the prices & packages offer?

The most basic package will cover photography of the ceremony and some private photos. The final price will depend on the options you choose, for example:

  • Full day wedding coverage from prep to reception
  • Travel within a 100km radius of Brisbane
  • An engagement shoot before the wedding

Contact me to discuss a tailored quote and options for your wedding.

Will you travel to shoot my wedding?

Yes, I am more than happy to travel around Australia or even overseas to shoot a wedding. Prices will be discussed beforehand to cover flights, accommodation and any other travel expenses.

How many photos do I get?

I do not limit the number of photos you receive. You usually receive between 150-300 hi-resolution photos on a USB stick or CD/DVD. The amount usually differs depending on the size of the wedding and how long I am shooting for.

Can I just have the unedited photos?

Much like film photographers process their photos in a darkroom, editing photos is an essential part of my process. 

I select only the best and most memorable shots to edit (because nobody wants hi-resolution photos of their uncle with his eyes half closed, midway through a very large piece of cake). The overall selection & editing process is the most labour-intensive part of any shoot, and after a wedding it's quite normal to sort through upwards of 3,000 photos. 

I do not send photos to any of my clients unedited, therefore I cannot provide a discount by removing this service.

Editing can involve any or all of the following: cropping, straightening, correcting distortion and warping, colour correction, brightening, sharpening and so on.

Please note that I do not believe in airbrushing or over-manipulating my clients' features to appear unnatural or “perfect”. Whilst I might remove stray hairs or obvious blemishes, I do not believe in overly Photoshopped imagery, and my aim is to keep the photos as true as possible.

How long until I get the photos?

I aim to have these to you within 4-6 weeks of the wedding, however I try to have a sneak peek for you to share with your family and friends within 24-48 hours of the wedding. 

How long do you stay for?

For as long as you want me to! If you want me to cover everything, I will be there to photograph you getting ready, right through to the ceremony, past the dancing, cake-eating and speeches at the reception. We can discuss this in more detail during our initial conversations prior to the wedding.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

That would definitely be appreciated!

Do you need accommodation?

If the wedding is an hour or more away from Brisbane via car and finishes later than 10pm, a room for me would be appreciated but not required; I can organise my own accommodation ahead of time. This cost will be calculated and included in your quote and invoice.

Will you need a second photographer?

This will depend on which aspects of the wedding you would like me to cover. Second photographers are especially important for larger and longer weddings to make sure we don't miss a thing! We do our best to stay as out of the way as possible.

Do you provide printing services?

I don't, however I highly recommend printing your photos through Artifact Uprising, who provide a beautiful range of well-designed products for you to choose from.