All prints are printed on high quality archival paper. For more information about prints, including care, storage and shipping, please read below.

Print Care

Here are some guidelines to ensure your print lasts a lifetime:

  • Handle the print with clean hands or clean, cotton gloves.

  • Avoid the print coming into contact with unclean or abrasive surfaces.

  • Use high quality glass specifically designed for photographic/fine art imagery, if possible.

  • Hang your print away from direct sunlight or airborne pollutants.

  • Keep the print away from extreme heat or cold.

  • Use an acid-free archival mat to prevent the print and glass from coming into contact with each other.

  • Clean the print with a soft dry cloth to prevent dust build-up; avoid blowing on the print or rubbing the print surface with your fingers.


  • Avoid stacking prints on top of each other.

  • Separate prints with pieces of acid-free paper to avoid damage.

  • Avoid covering with plastic for long periods of time. Cotton or acid-free sheets are best for long-term storage.

  • Wrap well and handle carefully when transporting.


  • $15 Canada-wide, $45 internationally.

  • All orders are tracked with Canada Post or FedEx.

  • Prints will arrive in a tube. Carefully unroll the print and leave to flatten under acid-free paper or soft, clean cotton before framing.